Converge is a new network of non-profit organizations, funders, investors, individuals, government agencies and private companies operating in Canada’s Mental Health space.

Our goal is to re-imagine Canada’s Mental Health ecosystems to move from a straight line with limited on and off-ramps to a multi-faceted and interconnected network of service providers, technologies, agencies and ministries.


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Additional Resources

To date, Converge has embarked on two large-scale projects. One looks at Mental Health data around system navigation and access, and the other at information and knowledge sharing and public policy.

Below are some additional resources that are informing our work.

Understanding the Current Landscape of Emerging Adult Mental Health Services and Needs in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

This report explores current mental health needs and availability of mental health services for emerging adults (i.e., 15 to 24 years old) in Calgary and surrounding areas. The report describes the mental health experiences of emerging adults including their needs, types of supports and services they accessed, and barriers they faced. The report also explores ways the emerging adult population can be better supported.

An Information Sharing Framework: Supporting Mental Health Serving Organizations Working in Collaborative Approaches

The intent of the Information Sharing Framework is to enhance the degree of collaboration and integration among client-serving organizations providing mental health supports across all relevant sectors.

CONVERGE Mental Health Case Study Summary Zero Waitlists for Mental Health Supports in Calgary, AB

This case study presents the multi-pronged approach that was completed over the course of 10 months to generate the data and insights to support the solution design and recommendations for the creation of Converge.

State of Mental Health System

An infographic that depicts the current state the “Mental Health Highway” infrastructure and how it has lead to sections deteriorating, misguidance, and limited access points to mental health services—preventing individuals and their caregivers from accessing the right types of services at the right time. This document also presents a re-imagined “Mental Health Highway” which is a part of Converge’s mandate.